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For modern vehicles, a lot of functions and components are controlled almost entirely by a computer built into your vehicle. When it comes to matters involving a car electrical system, problems can be stressful and frustrating which is why at Morgatech Auto in Beltsville, Maryland we do our best to keep your electrical systems running.

Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair

We perform general auto electrical repair and diagnostics at our auto repair shop in Beltsville where we diagnose your electrical system and advise you on what repairs your car may need. Our Mechanics are experienced and well trained to ensure that we find and solve your problem after the first visit.

Alternator repair and replacement

The alternator produces electricity for use by the car while the engine is running. It is an essential component that powers everything from air conditioning to the headlights of the car. You will know that your car’s alternator has a problem if your battery always runs out of power. Book Alternator replacement today at our shop in Beltsville.

Starter repair and replacement

The starter is essential in starting getting the engine motions started wehn you turn your key in the ignition. We provide a standard service for the repair and replacements of the starter motor as the need may be at our shop in Beltsville.

Power lock repair

We at Morgatech Auto have got you covered in case your power locking system is not working properly. Have us take a look at it and repair it within no time.

Windshield wiper repair

Self explanatory; if your wipers are faulty, youre likely to have your vision distrubed while driving through extreme weather. Get your wipers changed today.

Power antenna repair and replacement

A faulty power antenna can be a nuisance when you try to use your car radio on drives. If this is faulty, reach out to us and set an appointment to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Power steering repair

Power steering is responsible for making the car feel light as you steer it. If your steering wheel feels stiff then you need to have your power steering mechanisms looked at immediately.

Power accessory repair.

Sometimes the power accessories in the car such as the stereo, GPS navigators, USB ports among others may develop damage and stop working properly. At ourcar repair shop in Beltsville, we perform quick repairs and replacements to keep you comfy.

Light Repair and Light Bulb replacements

The various lights on the car serve not only to aid in visibility at night and in extreme conditions but are also used to communicate signals to other road users (such as when braking or turning) it is important to have them working on your car. Trust us at Morgatech Auto in Beltsville to perform repairs on your headlights and tail lights as well as bulb replacements to maintain safety for you and your passengers on the road.

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